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Do Lip Balm Ingredients Matter? 07/02/2013

The Not-So Nice History of Lip Balm

Would you believe that in the 1880s the first commercially manufactured lip balm in the United States was “a wickless candle wrapped in tinfoil?”  In 1963 A.H. Robbins saw the potential for a profit and began pumping the stuff out on a massive scale.  Unfortunately, lip balm was never the same.

In 1971 companies began adding artificial dyes and flavors so teens and children would get hooked.  Soon after, chemical sunscreens were added to block harmful UV rays.  Ironically, some of those chemicals have been linked to increased risk of cancer.

There’s a lot of money to be made by selling lip balms (an estimated $301 million per year) but what’s really in those shiny little plastic tubes?

Buddha Balm is different.  Buddha Balm was designed to put the good health and wellbeing of its loyal customers (and the wellbeing of the planet) ahead of profits.  Using only 100% natural ingredients (such as bee’s wax, Shea butter, and zinc oxide) Buddha Balm has created a soothing and protective balm that helps you look and feel your best so you can face the day with a smile!

The Benefits of Natural Balms

Most commercial lip balms use heavily processed ingredients.  That means the components have been extracted, cooked, swirled in beakers, and created out of thin air (well, maybe not thin air).  This not only has an impact on the people that wear these chemical concoctions but also the environment.  Byproducts from the manufacturing process have to go somewhere and the energy it took to create all of those artificial ingredients was literally ripped right out of the earth!

Buddha Balm is made with 100% natural ingredients, ingredients that are minimally processed and presented as Mother Nature intended.  It’s a pure alternative that protects the sensitive skin on your lips while leaving a much smaller footprint behind.  Buddha Balm doesn’t even use unnatural preservatives to prolong shelf life—there’s no need.

These balms smell and taste fresh because they are.  Nothing is covered up and the healthful ingredients are allowed to shine.  So pucker up and awaken your senses!